When business collides with political correctness

We are all faced in our personal and business lives when to keep our big trap shut. In today’s political climate on both sides of our border we come up against events that happen in politics that just grind us the wrong way. Is it OK to have an opinion that may polarize our audience and cause us to lose followers. The same can be said for business owners who do business with government. Will I lose the business if I stand up and will it hinder further business opportunities if I do? I expect you’re thinking if a stir a pot full of poop I just might have to lick the spoon! Successful people take risks. It’s about managing the risk. Does your balance sheet have a tug of war with your conscience?

These are difficult decisions. As a person who sides on lets take ownership for our words and actions I tend to weigh in with both feet. I have become comfortable with the fact that pleasing everyone is shallow and an exercise in futility. It’s so easy to click a like on Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter. It’s there on the record forever and a day. Just think for a minute that recruiters and companies looking to employ you make every effort to review your social media posts just as importantly as your resume. Don’t fool yourself. It impacts your future.

Bloggers like Seth Godin have mastered the art of questioning the establishment but at a higher level. Judgments are not made. It’s created by asking a question of the audience and suggesting an alternative. As like everything in life it’s the actions we take that really matters. Wouldn’t our political landscape be a whole lot more palatable if there was collaboration instead of polarization? It’s hard to rise when everyone is taking swings at each other.

It appears the challenge is, do I do what’s right for the greater good or do whats right for me? If you can’t answer that questions it’s time for an authenticity test. This can be resolved by standing in front of your mirror and asking yourself this question. What am I leaving for those who come to this world later. If I act on this now and take ownership how will this impact my family first and business second? If you don’t know the answer perhaps it’s time to ask your family, your business partner and advisors.

Standing up for what is right usually comes with a few bumps and bruises. I expect if you’re anything like me you already have a few scars as a reminder of how we found our success.