Unfinished reads

It came to me this morning with summer finally here in the east and the hectic pace slows down a little I thought to myself what am I going to read. Then it hit me. I have 4 unfinished books on the go. 3 more I purchased and waiting to read. As an author myself I started to wonder how many people who purchased my book actually read it.

I could only come up with three scenarios for the unread and unfinished book conundrum.

  1. Distractions. There is no shortage of those. How many of you dare have the screen time app turned on your smart phones? I expect an idea pops in your head and the next thing your chasing squirrels.
  2. They just didn’t hold me or they lacked relevance to what I was looking for. Boring! As an ADD I can attest to, excite me or lose me.
  3. The books are about making change. Dang. You mean I have to leave my comfort zone?

I have some business books I have partially read. All of them really good. Why haven’t I finished them? Well perhaps all of the above three reasons.

So many choices. How do I decide what to do first? Perhaps I should revisit the Brian Tracey approach in his book “Eat That Frog”. Do first what will grow and advance your business.

I am going to pitch this out there. I’m sure I’m not the only one. Perhaps it’s a lack of clarity. We all occasionally have this happen and it gives us brain freeze. Is it overwhelm? More than likely with the hectic life we all sign up for. Then for some strange reason we complain we are too busy. Go figure.

When it comes to the unfinished books, they have to get in line with the rest of all the stuff we have going on and it boils down to doing what matters most at this moment in time. So just how do we get past this jumping from one place to another? It would be easy to say turn off the distractions like our smart phones but it’s much deeper than that. Is buying these books a way of slowing down and getting off the hamster wheel? In search of me time. Are these distractions a form of procrastination?

When is the last time you just closed the door and put out the Do Not Disturb sign and focused on what really matters? Prioritize. Reading has two purposes. Learn and relax. Both are extremely important. The choice is what book do you finish first?