No app for that

In the day and age of done for you marketing and sales there is no substitute for good old-fashioned personal contact. Yup. There isn’t an app for that. LinkedIn and Facebook have canned response in a weak attempt to create engagement. I will agree it’s better than nothing but nothing beats a genuine personal note. “You took the time to care and it wasn’t about you. It was about me.” That’s the real engagement.

Make no mistake about it. People will buy you first and your product or service second. People want to buy from and work with people they trust and importantly like as well. I have fellow coaches who use Click Funnels and they all have told me it’s just a forum to gain credibility and trust. You should not use it as a direct selling platform. Providing advice without expectation of return. No pressure takes selling off the table.

I learned an important lesson myself about content the past few months. I am involved in an organization that provides top notch content. They rebrand it as yours. What I learned is that it takes away the uniqueness. Yes, there were areas that resonated and you could personalize but the cookie cutter still existed. What I found out is that I ended up starting to create my own content that was specific to my own target audience. To be a successful Business Consultant you must be relevant and expert in your field. There is “No App for That”.

Is there a fast road to success? Yes, there is. Is it sustainable? Likely not. What it took to get you there isn’t going to keep you there. You will need to be constantly keeping it new and fresh. The Latest greatest is just that. Here today and gone tomorrow.

This takes us back to human touch and relationships. There are many different ways to network but be certain. Don’t try to sell too quickly. Any trust you have developed will erode. I like to call this program the long play. The power of referrals comes from great work that has been earned and not from an App. Apps are tactical. Do they add value. Most certainly if they are the right one for the application. Your long-term success in business must be strategic. The personal touch is the answer. I wouldn’t sit waiting for an App that’s called Emotion.