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SYSTEMATICALLY INCREASE Your Revenue Potential in 5 Key Areas

  • STRATEGIC, Sales-generating marketing
  • CLEAR & Specific targets for your business development
  • PROFESSIONAL Support 1-on-1 or group coaching

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Our Experience


For over a decade;  Our passion is helping Canadian Business Owners increase their business revenue with effective sales & marketing strategies now & for years to come. 

Our Approach


Our clients participate in a comprehensive business analysis. Together, we create a detailed business growth plan & strategies to easily track & measure your success.

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Choosing the right mentors is one of the most important business decisions you will ever make. A professional business coach is invested in helping you achieve your goals.

Our Clients Enjoy World-Class Marketing Training & Resources



We Need Experienced Business Coaches More Than Ever

I've been in business for most of my life, & here's what I know:
There has NEVER been more opportunity for business owners than there is RIGHT NOW.

So, why are 50% of businesses closing their doors within 5 years?
And only 30% surviving for 10 years?

Failure In Business Is Far Too Common

  • Businesses are closing because they don't know how to solve their cash flow problems. 
  • They aren't sure how to properly & effectively market themselves.
  • They struggle to implement the Planning, Systems, & Support which are essential to success.

Our Job Is Making Sure Our Clients Are Successful

Paul Roy, CEO - Why You Should Choose Business Coach Atlantic

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Professional Guidance & Support - A Key to Your Future Success

Our Coaches Ensure Your Success

Paul Roy, CEO


Having been a business owner and  senior executive for much of my career,  my expertise is building business from both a sales & marketing AND operational perspective.


Brice Guerin


With an extensive service background as an independent financial advisor, branch manager and franchise owner, I help businesses achieve predictable, sustainable growth while effectively navigating the financial services industry.


Glenn Keeping



 After celebrating over 20 years of success in retail pharmacy  management, I've developed a coaching process that facilitates real,  measurable advancement towards your business goals, fast. 


Joe McGinnis



During an extensive Enterprise Information Technology (IT) sales and leadership career, with Dell Inc and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and other leading and start-up IT organizations Joe drove instrumental revenue growth on a global basis. He developed successful international Go-To-Market solution strategies and crafted product demonstrations and campaigns meaningful to customer challenges.  


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